Ex-cadet biographies


Preserving the history of ex-cadets

Royal Roads University staff are collecting stories, biographies and photographs of ex-cadets and former RRMC staff.

These documents are placed in a special binder accessible to visitors touring the museum in the basement of Hatley Castle.

You are invited to participate, on behalf of yourself or a family member who was a cadet or staff at RRMC.

Submit the following information:

  • name of individual
  • cadet number
  • two photographs (cadet/staff and recent)
  • a biography

The biography for an ex-cadet could include the following:

  • what year(s) did you attend?
  • what prompted you to attend?
  • specific memorable experiences at Royal Roads?
  • what did you go on to do in your career?
  • how did your training at Royal Roads serve you throughout life?

Biographies for former Royal Roads staff could include:

  • which year(s) did you work at Royal Roads?
  • in what capacity?
  • any specific details or anecdotes about your time here?
  • thoughts about your Royal Roads experience?


William A. Hughes Class of 1944-46

Arthur Griffin Class of 1950-52

Monty McGregor Class of 1958-60