About us

Today’s messy challenges demand passionate change-makers who have the knowledge and skills to transform the way we work and live, our day-to-day decisions and government policies. Climate pollution and biodiversity loss are two of the most critical imperatives now facing modern society. We need sustainability leaders willing to lend their knowledge and voice to make a real and lasting contribution to their world.

The interdisciplinary programs offered through the School of Environment and Sustainability provide that critical foundation through innovative teaching, experiential learning and complimentary research excellence. Under the instruction of our dedicated faculty, you’ll propel yourself toward careers committed to integrated planning and decision-making, and social innovations designed to challenge and change current development paths.

Faculty and students within the School engage in wide-ranging interdisciplinary research from local to international projects. Some of the main areas of research include:

  • Regenerative sustainability and sustainable communities
  • Reconciliation and Indigenous ways of knowing
  • Climate trends, processes and social responses
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Ecology
  • Geohazards
  • Environmental education and ecopsychology

More detailed information about the research undertaken in our school can be found on our research page.

Our Faculty