Sarah Elizabeth Wolfe


Environment & Sustainability

For information about Sarah Wolfe's current research program, please see her Society, Environment and Emotions Lab or her website. In short, Wolfe examines the social-psychological variables of water decisions and governance within a context of climate change uncertainties. Water is essential to our existence – ecological, biological and cultural – and our ability to ‘solve’ water problems is a litmus test for our capacity to address other environmental challenges


Until 2021, Wolfe was an associate professor (i.e., tenured) in the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS) at the University of Waterloo. Her post-doctoral research was completed in ERS at the University of Waterloo. Her PhD (2007) is from the University of Guelph’s Department of Geography, MA from the University of Toronto’s collaborative program in Political Science and Environmental Studies, and BA from the University of Guelph’s International Development program (Biophysical Environment). As part of her undergraduate program, Wolfe studied for one year at the University of Haifa through their English-language program

Wolfe's work experience includes stints with the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (Rome) in their Water Policy, Development and Management Service along with the International Development Research Organization’s (Ottawa) People, Land and Water program. Her South African doctoral field season was hosted by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s South Africa office in Pretoria. Wolfe worked as a private consultant on multiple water-related projects in both Canada and internationally.



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University of Guelph