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Research and teaching focus

What we are: an eclectic, exciting and engaging team of transdisciplinary, applied researchers working in both the natural and social sciences, in areas as diverse as oceans science, soil science, social-ecological systems, environmental communications and governance.

How we do it: our faculty use diverse research approaches from traditional scientific hypothesis testing to grounded theory, ethnographies and case study research.

Why we do it: we are deeply committed to making a difference with our research, using novel research dissemination tools and techniques to try to answer some of the big ‘sticky’ questions facing modern society.

Our expertise focuses on:

  • Hard and soft environmental sciences
  • Sustainable community development
  • Environment education and ecopsychology
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Sustainable natural resource management
  • Changing development paths

Our research informs and is influenced by our teaching and problem-based classroom learning, applied to the co-production of useful knowledge for the benefit of Canadian society.

To learn more about the research conducted by the School of Environment and Sustainability, please visit our individual faculty research pages below. You may also be interested in Community Research Connections and Changing the Conversation.