Asian Heritage Month

Asian Heritage Month

Royal Roads University honours the contributions of people of Asian descent in our university and beyond.

People of Asian descent were integral in the development of the grounds where our university now resides. Much of Hatley Park, which is now the Royal Roads campus, exists because of the labour, hard work and vision of Asian immigrants and visitors.

During Asian heritage month and throughout the year at Royal Roads, we celebrate the Asian heritage that has made our university and society immeasurably richer. We join together to fight pervasive and enduring anti-Asian racism. And we remember and acknowledge our shared history.

Thank you to everyone, in particular the Royal Roads members of Asian ancestry, who contributed their time and perspectives to this page.

Asian Heritage Month: RRU students celebrate their roots

Eight students, representing six Asian countries and five RRU programs talk about their heritage, this month and how they stay connected to their roots.

President Steenkamp: Royal Roads celebrates Asian Heritage Month

Intercultural communication expert Prof. Juana Du joins President Philip Steenkamp for a discussion about understanding and collaboration across cultures.

Explore the RRU Library's digital display

Join RRU Library in celebrating Asian Heritage Month this May.

The RRU Library's highlighted resources explore various facets of Asian heritage in Canada and across the world, with a focus on themes of relevance to the RRU community. 

Discover Asian voices and representation in popular media, contemporary experiences of anti-Asian racism, climate vulnerability and sustainable development in Asia, and stories of immigration and injustice in BC and Canada, including the story of the gardeners who designed Hatley Park's own Japanese gardens.

Royal Roads events

What does it mean to be "Asian"?

Viola Tian, anti-Asian racism lead at the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, shares a special presentation in honour of Asian Heritage Month. Hosted by Royal Roads President Philip Steenkamp, her presentation covers what means to be “Asian” and how anti-Asian racism manifests across different spaces. She also speaks about some of the work the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and the Coalition Against Anti-Asian Racism Canada have been doing to address anti-Asian racism and how we can collectively combat it as a society.

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