Anti-Racism Task Force

Royal Roads University's Anti-Racism Task Force

Royal Roads University's Anti-Racism Task Force was convened to conduct consultation and research with the university community and to develop an anti-racism action plan for the university.

Anti-Racism Action Plan

The 2021 RRU Anti-Racism Action Plan was developed as a result of consultations with the Royal Roads community to combat racism within our community and the community we serve.

This document contains 23 Calls to Action and 123 recommended actions, organized within the following five themes:

  1. building space, place and connection
  2. supporting our students
  3. transforming research and curriculum
  4. creating an anti-racist environment
  5. developing an anti-racist framework in governance

Read the 2021 RRU Anti-Racism Action Plan.

The members of the ARTF extend heartfelt gratitude to everyone that contributed to the depth, integrity and richness of this work.

Meet the Anti-Racism Task Force

The Anti-Racism Task Force included 15 students, staff, alumni, faculty and associate faculty throughout the university.

See also this RRU news statement about the Anti-Racism Task Force and focus groups being held in December 2020.

Statement on anti-racism

As a university, we uphold the principles of anti-racism. Read President Philip Steenkamp's full statement on anti-racism.

Terms of reference

Read the Anti-Racism Task Force terms of reference (July 2020).