Paver Stone Project (ongoing)

Ex-Cadets invited to join the Guard of Honour at the Royal Roads' Mast

For more than 50 years, the Royal Roads mast stood in front of Hatley Castle. Lowered after Royal Roads Military College closed in 1995, the mast has been refurbished by the navy at CFB Esquimalt and reinstalled in a new Memorial Plaza at Royal Roads University.

The Vancouver Island Ex-Cadet Club and Royal Roads University are now offering granite paving stones to be inscribed with the names of ex-cadets and former staff of any Royal Roads military college. These stones will pave the area within the granite walls surrounding the mast. They may be ordered for anyone who served at Royal Roads from 1940 to 1995.

Charitable donations go towards the RRU Military Heritage Fund.

When you support the Royal Roads Military Heritage Fund, you are investing in the preservation and appreciation of Royal Roads' naval and military history as exemplified by the restoration of the mast, the ship's bell and the college colours.

For more information about the paverstone project, please email Vivianne Jefferis.

To order a paverstone by mail, please download a copy of the paver stone order form. Online orders can be submitted through Canada Helps.