ECO Canada partnership

Canadian Centre for Environmental Education

The Environmental Careers Organization of Canada and Royal Roads University are the founders of the Canadian Centre for Environmental Education.

Housed at Royal Roads, the CCEE was created as a formal partnership between the university and ECO Canada. Our goal is providing advanced education, training and professional development tailored to the Canadian environmental sector, aligned with the National Occupational Standards for Environmental Employment. NOS refers to the necessary knowledge and skills industry experts identify for a particular occupation.

We offer several programs through the CCEE:


ECO Canada

ECO Canada is the steward for the Canadian environmental workforce across all industries, championing the end-to-end careers of environmental professionals. They aim to promote and drive responsible and sustainable economic growth, while also ensuring environmental best practices remain a priority.

ECO Canada works alongside government, policy makers, academia, students, employers, professionals, industry and international audiences to support Canada as a global leader in innovative workforce solutions and job creation.

Accredited programs

ECO Canada validates educational program to ensure they are committed to high quality education, accountability and public trust. The accreditation proves a culture of continuous improvement and dedication to career-driven learning. The demand for career-driven education from accredited programs will continue to grow as the Canadian environmental workforce expands across all industries.

Royal Roads’ Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science is an accredited program that has been validated by ECO Canada as an educational experience that supports the industry and hiring demands by employers. The program meets the national standards of excellence and align with the National Occupational Standards.

Funding and employment programs

ECO Canada is committed to helping young professionals and Canadian businesses by administering wage subsidies through the federal government’s Youth Employment and Skills Strategy program. Their commitment accelerates career pathways for the next generation of environmental leaders.

ECO Canada have offered wage subsidies to eligible employers for the past 20 years. Employers benefit through access to a steady talent stream and recent graduates gain valuable on-the-job work experience and essential skills training.

They also assist underrepresented groups for employment with a large focus on Indigenous youth, rural and remote areas, women in STEM, visible minorities and those underemployed.

Find current wage funding programs on ECO Canada’s new website.