Service level 1


A course is designated as Service Level 1 if it:

  • has run before
  • has been assigned SL1 by the program area because it does not need significant re-development work
  • does not need a final review or instructional design support
  • can run based on a previous offering with minimal to no involvement from the instructor (unless they want to make changes)


Typically, an instructor of a Service Level 1 course:

  • has experience teaching at RRU
  • is proficient in Moodle and has taken Moodle training
  • does not require course to have a final review or instructional design support
  • plans to work from a previous offering of the course
Timeline diagram for Service Level 1 courses

Key deadlines

  • 16 weeks before opening: Program verifies which course to be used for copy.
  • 15 Weeks ahead before: CTET copies course contents into new shell.
  • 14 weeks before: If no instructor has been assigned in Agresso, the course will be re-assigned to Service Level 2.
  • Nine to 15 weeks before: Program and/or instructor makes any necessary changes and runs through Service Level 1 Checklist to ensure course is ready. Faculty with any questions not answered by the checklist may contact CTET Studio for assistance.
  • Up to nine weeks before: Program and/or instructor sends course to CTET for review.
  • Four to nine weeks before: CTET does a technical review and works with the instructor to resolve any issues.
  • Six weeks before: Copyright office clears readings and resources as listed in the course.
  • Four weeks before: Course is ready and course instructor role is assigned.