Your experts in teaching and educational technologies

We're officially called the Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies, but you can call us CTET (see-tet) for short.

We're a hub of learning design and professional development for faculty and staff at Royal Roads University. We support Royal Roads' mission to deliver quality education to students in any place, whether they're on our campus or around the globe.

With more than 25 full-time staff working together as a team, we’re one of the biggest centres for teaching and learning in Canada.

Four units in CTET each provides a distinct service. Learn more about our staff and their roles.

Supporting learning and more

Within the broader context of the university, CTET leads evolution and operations for technology-enabled teaching and learning.

We use learning design principles and educational technologies to help find solutions to meet the needs of other non-academic units. For example, we've developed a Moodle course for staff orientation. We provide tools for online meetings, and help facilitate technical requirements for events.

Outside of course design and development, CTET supports faculty and staff at Royal Roads through a range of professional development and other opportunities. This includes a suite of workshops focused on empowering faculty and staff with teaching skills and technical know-how.

CTET team members also contribute to the broader development of ideas in learning design and educational technology. We're proud of our contributions to conferences, scholarly journals and books. We also participate in national and international communities of practice, to make learning truly life-changing.

We're always happy to help faculty and staff, and invite you to get in touch or drop in for help with Moodle, meetings with our team, support with ongoing courses, or just to use a workstation.