Service level 3


A course is designated as Service Level 3 if it is brand new or needs significant learning design support.

A course with this designation will:

  • follow the learning design process
  • require approval from Curriculum Committee
  • have a course developer and faculty member contracted at least six months in advance to do course development work (they work in partnership with a CTET Instructional Designer, who manages the process and timeline)
Timeline diagram for Service Level 3 courses

Key deadlines

  • 16 weeks before opening: Curriculum Committee gives the new or revised course outline final approval.
  • Six weeks ahead before: Readings and resource list is considered final, and any edits must be complete. Copyright clears the list in Moodle.
  • Four weeks before: all course development work complete and run through the course checklist to ensure the course is ready. The instructional designer sends the course to technical review.
  • Two weeks before: Instructional designer sends the course to final review.