Jeffrey B. Kucharski

Adjunct professor


Policy development (energy security, energy transitions and the geopolitics of energy)

International business and international relations (with a focus on the Indo-Pacific)

Academic research (energy, energy security, geopolitics and international trade)

Jeff Kucharski is a strategic thinker, policy-relevant researcher and international business facilitator. Kucharski has expertise in policy development (especially in the energy area and including energy security, energy transitions and the geopolitics of energy), international business, international relations, energy regulatory affairs and project management.

Kucharski possesses strong communications and interpersonal skills, and industry knowledge gained from diverse business and public sector experience in a variety of senior positions in both Canada and internationally. He has significant experience at the executive level and with all levels of government and industry.

Kucharski has testified before several of Canada’s parliamentary committees on energy and geopolitical issues and published peer-reviewed research in several international journals and with various academic institutions.


Over the course of a broad and diverse public service career, Kucharski has held roles responsible for international business and trade development, policy development, strategic planning, strategic partnership building, national and international government relations, energy regulatory affairs and project management.

Kucharski spent almost half his working career in Japan in various roles, including with the Seibu Group, as the Government of Alberta’s trade representative in Tokyo and as Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Nagoya.

Before leaving the public service, Kucharski was as assistant deputy minister for the Government of Alberta Department of Energy, responsible for international energy policy and strategy.

Memberships and Committees
  • Senior Fellow, Macdonald-Laurier Institute

  • Fellow, Canadian Global Affairs Institute

  • Member, Canadian International Council


Doctor of Energy Science

Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University, Japan

Master of Business Administration

University of Alberta

Bachelor of Commerce

University of Alberta


Research interest

International trade

Energy policy and energy security

Geopolitics of energy


Doctoral Thesis

Kucharski, Jeffrey, Energy security in Japan in the context of a planned energy system transition. Kyoto University, Graduate School of Energy Science. October, 2016.

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