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Cheryl Heykoop


Program Head, Assistant Professor


Leadership Studies


Dr. Cheryl Heykoop’s research and teaching interests focus on participatory action research, process ethics, patient-centred care, and healthcare systems transformation. Heykoop is particularly interested in how the meaningful engagement of patients in research can better inform research, leadership, and practice. She currently holds grants from the Vancouver Foundation and the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research focused on young adult cancer care. Heykoop’s prior research centred on the meaningful engagement of young people affected by conflict and adversity to effect systems change.


Heykoop is a Program Head of the Master of Arts in Leadership - Health Specialization in the School of Leadership Studies. She has designed and taught courses in the MA Leadership, MA Global Leadership, and MA Disaster and Emergency Management programs. Heykoop is a member of the Integrated Cancer Care Strategy Council for Vancouver Island, a scholar with the Innovation Support Unit in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, a founding member of the ResiliencebyDesign Research Lab at Royal Road University, and a research associate with the International Institute for Child Rights and Development.


Heykoop holds a Doctorate of Social Sciences from Royal Roads University (2014), a Master of Sciences in Humanitarian Studies from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (2006) and a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Studies from the University of Guelph (2003). In 2016, Heykoop was awarded a Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award for a new teacher at Royal Roads University.

Select Publications

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