President Steenkamp: Royal Roads celebrates Asian Heritage Month

In May, Royal Roads joins people across the country in celebrating Asian Heritage Month. I think it’s a time to honour and tell the stories of our shared history, to join together to fight pervasive and enduring anti-Asian racism, and to celebrate the Asian heritage that has made our university and society immeasurable richer.

In my video this week, I speak with Nelson Chan, RRU chancellor and chair of our Board of Governors, about what the month means to him personally, and as a parent and university leader. (I should probably let you know this conversation may result in an immediate and intense craving for the traditional Korean side dish, kimchi, as it did for me.)

You’ll also hear from Master of Arts in Intercultural & International Communication student Will Nguyễn, Global Learning & Language Centre Coordinator Wendy Wang, Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management student Amar Singh, and Assoc. Fac. Athena Madan.

Please visit our Asian Heritage Month webpage to see their full videos as well as find resources and events happening all month long.