Insights for Action webinar series

Insights for Action

Across sectors, cultivating an innovative and entrepreneurial culture is essential for navigating changes in the workplace and in society. Join us every month for our Insights for Action webinar series where we will collectively explore topics that will inspire insights and guide you towards taking transformative action in your workplace and in your life. 

From Global to Local: Risk Management for Managers

The pandemic has highlighted how global risks can quickly become local risks. It has become apparent that in this rapidly changing environment, managers across sectors need to increase their awareness of the global risks associated with factors such as climate change, cyber attacks, social media, and politics. Managers need to be able to assess these risks against their own organization and have the skills to create plans for mitigation and take necessary action. 

In the second episode of our Insights for Action webinar series, join professors Dr. Charles Krusekopf and Brian Parrott for an interactive discussion on the key risks that organizations and managers face in our evolving world. We will collectively explore the World Economic Forum 2020 Global Risk report using case studies and experiences from organizations across Canada.

Past episodes

Leading in Chaos and Conflict

What does leadership look like and feel like as we are confronted with unprecedented personal and professional challenges? What can we do to our leadership capacity in the face of chaos and conflict? On September 29th, Ross Porter and Dr. Patrick O’Neill engaged in an interactive conversation about what it means to access our potential for creativity, compassion and resilience in these unstable and uncertain times. Drawing on insights from behavioural science, wisdom traditions, and experience working with wide cross-section of leaders, Patrick and Ross offered insights that you can use to bring authentic and impactful leadership to your workplace and communities, regardless of your situation or circumstance. Watch the webinar recording:

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