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Global Leadership for Food Security

On May 13, 2021, RRU’s MA Global Leadership (MAGL) programs hosted a panel on Global Leadership for Food Security. Facilitated by Dr. Wanda Krause.

Picture of Sweta Rajan, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner

Resilience and YOU: Episode 10

Sweta Rajan reminds us that when facing challenges we can find it difficult to see the solution and often wait to ask for help until we are exhausted.

Picture of Cary-Lee Calder, Gusgimukw Woman, Quatsino Nation

Resilience and YOU: Episode 11

Cary-Lee shares how grounding herself as an act of self care is in service to her commitment to bring light to Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls.

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There is a time for a leader not to speak, or leap into action, rather, to best contribute by simply being present and holding space for what is important.

Picture of Shawn Y. Holmes, DMD, PhD, Founder & Co-Owner The You in You Consulting

Resilience and YOU: Episode 12

This week, Shawn Y. Holmes, offered the opportunity for each of us to gain additional liberation by making more of our whole selves available to others.