Student Research Feature: Natasha Watcham-Roy

Photo of MA Leadership student Natasha Watcham-Roy

The School of Leadership Studies would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Natasha Watcham-Roy on the completion of a Master’s Thesis titled, Psychological Safety in High-Performance Sport.

This thesis is available through RRU’s library here.

We asked Natasha a few questions about this research and this is what they said:

What are some key takeaways from your thesis that would be helpful for other leaders?

When starting my thesis, I promised myself not to get stressed out and overwhelmed and that I would take the time to enjoy the process. This mentality led me to enjoy the journey rather than get overwhelmed. It was a mindset which let me live a balanced life while completing my thesis.

How is the organization moving change forward based on your work?

Rugby Canada is working hard to make an organizational change that is meaningful to the athletes and instrumental in forming a safe environment for all the excel. They are committed to the ongoing cycles of implementation and evaluation that the change process will require. Rugby Canada will take forward the recommendations provided and pave the way for creating change in high-performance sports cultures.

What surprised you about your experience of the thesis process?

What surprised me with this experience is how impactful it is to do research in collaboration with an organization rather than on an organization. The athletes were at the forefront of the research processes, which empowered them to be a part of the change they wanted to see in their environment. It was inspiring to see the results and impact of giving athletes a voice and platform to be heard.

How are you applying lessons learned from your whole MA-Leadership journey?

The MA-Leadership journey dissipated everything I thought and knew as a leader. Leadership, to me, is about leading from the inside out and discovering how our behaviours and reactions impact others. I am a better person and leader after my experience at Royal Roads. I am ready to use my learned skills and knowledge to guide organizational change.