CTET Studio

CTET Studio is a collaboration space where faculty, associate faculty and staff can work with Royal Roads University's Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies, learn about educational technologies, and get help with Moodle and other tools.

How we can help

We offer remote and in-person support:

When to connect

Contact us if you're in any of the following situations and you:

  • need immediate help with Moodle or other educational technologies, while your course is running
  • want to brainstorm ideas (like icebreakers or team activities) for your course and work collaboratively with CTET team members
  • need support before the scheduled technical review of your Service Level 1 course
  • want to work on your course and prefer the option of immediate assistance from a CTET team member
  • are trying to solve a problem with Moodle or other educational technologies that may quickly lead to much larger problems, if a solution is not applied

Our mission

Read our mission statement to learn more about CTET Studio.