Recorded webinar - Resilient and Thriving Organizational Cultures

Person on laptop beside houseplant and coffee mug

COVID-19 has introduced a new level of stress to all organizations, with so many of us adjusting to a new way of living and working. Many people, while feeling stressed and struggling to find a new work/life balance, will resort to common, but unsustainable, coping practices such as working harder and longer.

Now more than ever we need to develop our ability to thrive, not just survive, amidst these stressful conditions. If we are to emerge to a new normal with collective insights and better ways of being, we need to create resilient and thriving organizational cultures. In this webinar, professors Dr. Jennifer Walinga from the School of Communication and Culture and Dr. Wendy Rowe from the School of Leadership Studies discuss ways you can promote wellness within your organization and your life.

View the webinar recording.