Wendy Rowe


Leadership Studies

Dr. Wendy Rowe is a professor and a scholar-practitioner at Royal Roads University. She teaches in the School of Leadership and was the founder of the Master of Arts in Global Leadership program. She is committed to promoting leadership development and enhanced management effectiveness across global systems. Dr. Rowe serves as a teacher, mentor, and researcher to promote change that builds strategic partnerships, enhances communication and trust, breaks down institutional barriers, creates a healthier work environment and promotes community social development and economic sustainability. Her areas of research are in areas of social change, system reframing, action research methodology, evaluation planning and methodology, and strategic partnership engagement as well as personal and organizational resiliency, thriving and leadership.

Rowe holds several certificates, including:

  • Certified Administrator, Global Competency Inventor (2018) 
  • Credentialed Evaluator, Canadian Evaluation Society (2012)
  • Certified Administrator, MBTI (Psychometrics, (2009)
  • Certified Executive Coach, Graduate Certificate (RRU, 2006)
  • Certified Administrator – EQ in Action Profile (2007)
  • Learning Facilitation Certificate (RRU, 2006)
  • Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) (RRU, 2005)


Dr. Rowe has worked extensively as an educator and researcher across Canada and United States, in addition to various international locations including India, China, New Zealand, Australia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Kenya, supporting leadership and efficacy of programs in the not for profit sector. In her professional practice, Dr. Rowe has conducted over 150 evaluations of human service, justice system and educational programs, generating multiple grey literature NGO and government reports. Additionally, she has published in a variety of academic and practitioner sources.

Memberships and Committees
  • International Leadership Association (ILA)
  • International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS)
  • Canadian Evaluation Society
  • VP, National Council (July 31, 2011- July 2013)
  • President BC/Yukon Chapter (February 2008 – September 2011)
  • American Evaluation Association (AEA)
  • Western Academy of Management (WAM)


PhD in Human and Organizational Systems

Fielding Graduate University, California

Master of Arts in Organizational Development

Santa Barbara, California

Master of Business Administration

Western Washington University

Master of Arts in Psychology

Simon Fraser University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Simon Fraser University


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