Kathleen Manion

Program head, Graduate Certificate in Transforming Child Protection to Wellbeing

Humanitarian Studies

Kathleen Manion is a scholar-practitioner who bridges the gap between practitioner experiential knowledge, academic theory, and policy objectives. She is passionate about social justice, humanitarian issues, interdisciplinary perspectives and applied research. She is principally focused on children and young people’s wellbeing. Manion has a broad range of policy and practice experience in social work, community development, and interdisciplinary work. She strives to make complex concepts understandable and bring voice to research participants. Manion has a commitment to student-focused experiences designed to spark curiosity and build lifelong learning. Her projects touch on international social work, youth advocacy, child rights, protection, and wellbeing, homelessness, environmental justice and family violence.



Manion has worked in academia, government and the not-for-profit sector within several countries. Her previous research and policy work have included children’s rights, participation, education and youth climate action. She has focused on prevention of violence against children and in families, neglect, sexual exploitation, human trafficking in women and children, suicide and self-harm. Manion’s previous research and policy work has also included homelessness, social work education and team work in higher education, youth justice, child protection and wellbeing.




Masters in International Law, Specialisation in Human Rights Law

University of London

PhD in Sociology

University of East London

Masters of International Social Work and Community Development Studies, with Distinction

University of East London

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Major

University of Waterloo

Peace and Conflict Studies Diploma


Certificate in General Social Work



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