President Steenkamp: Values-based leadership with Kathy Bishop

Today at Royal Roads University’s Fall 2021 Convocation we honour 886 graduates who earned more than 900 credentials.

As they now strike out on the next step of their educational and professional journeys, they will carry not just a new credential, but the principles and ideals that guide them.

It's not an easy task for an individual to define their values, let alone an organization like a business, non-profit or university.

This week I speak with School of Leadership Assoc. Prof. Kathy Bishop about just that. She says there is more to leadership than just being the person in charge — and that there must be more to an organization than just the bottom line.

Kathy’s explanation and expansion of the concept of values-based leadership informs and inspires everything we do here at Royal Roads for our students, faculty and staff.