Award nomination process

Awards can be an important part of your career trajectory as a faculty member at Royal Roads University.

Award calls and updates

The Office of Research Services sends out nomination calls for specific awards in our bi-weekly research e-bulletin. Our awards listings vary from year to year and are not meant to be inclusive.

You're also encouraged to seek awards related to your discipline and area of research.

Awards inventory

Faculty can find an awards inventory updated by Universities Canada's Global Excellence Initiative.

This initiative helps to raise the profile of Canadian researchers by identifying and offering assistance to them for major international awards. In addition to providing an updated awards database, the initiative does the following:

Nominator's responsibilities

If you wish to submit a nomination for yourself or someone else, send us a completed award notice of intent form at least eight weeks before the nomination deadline. This timing applies to awards that are posted in our bi-weekly research e-bulletin or elsewhere.

We'll work in partnership with the nominator and the nominee to complete the following tasks:

  • develop a comprehensive nomination package
  • secure required letters of support or reference
  • facilitate a peer or panel review

Both the nominator and nominee play an active role in the development, writing and submission of the award nomination.

Late submissions

If we receive an award notice of intent form fewer than eight weeks before a deadline, we'll review the award requirements and consult with the appropriate Dean and VP Research and International.

We may recommend to the Dean and VP Research and International that the nomination be deferred to the following year to provide adequate time to develop a high-quality nomination.


The Research Advisory Committee will adjudicate potential nominees and make a recommendation to the Deans and VP Research and International in cases where:

  • the university is only permitted to submit one nomination to a particular award or award category, or
  • we receive more than one award notice of intent

Award notice of intent form