Winning Better: The New Gold Standards of Sport Leadership

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What is excellence in sport? From little league, to beer league, to major league – excellence in sport can take a variety of forms – whether making a new friend, making memories, or making a spectacular play, excellence in sport is relevant to all because sport is for everyone. How do we measure excellence in sport? And where is the evidence or data? How do we know if we are creating high performance, yet also safe and healthy, sport environments for everyone – from athlete, to coach, to official, to spectator? What are the new, evolving gold standards of performance, metrics for sport leadership, and measures of sound coaching?

For too long, we have applied simplistic metrics to determine funding, support, rewards, or success in sport. The sport community is learning that when the only measure of success is a medal, winning will soon begin to trump health, safety, and respect. With the advent of Safe Sport, sport leaders are seeking new, more expansive metrics for sport success. This is not to say that safe, healthy, respectful sport will now trump high-performance. Rather it is time for a more complex set of metrics for valuing, investing in, and supporting sport that is excellent in all regards. We need to learn how to win better, not at all costs.

Join us Tuesday Oct 25th 12-1:30pm PT for our latest in the Sport, Leadership, and Social Change series at Royal Roads University hosted by Dr. Jennifer Walinga.

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