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Did you know that 60% of RRU's alumni are women?

Our upcoming Alumni Chat will host an outstanding panel of female leaders who are willing to share their leadership journey. We are grateful to have J’Net Ayayqwayaksheelth, Jacqueline Biollo, Siobhan Calderbank and Brenda Schoepp , join us on Wednesday, March 9 as we look at leadership beyond the C-Suite.  This session brings four incredible women and RRU grads together for the first time to share their stories, learning and - perhaps most importantly - a lift up.  

What will make this session unique is YOU. Please share your thoughts and questions for our panelist, so, together, we can extend our reach and advance our leadership. Gentlemen, we hope you will join us in support of this topic and share what you or your companies are doing to be advocates and allies of our women in leadership.

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