Accessibility accommodations

If you have a health condition or disability that affects your learning, you can get extra support. Health conditions can be temporary or permanent, or affect you physically or mentally.

Accessibility Services offers confidential advice and support with an aim to remove barriers for your learning.

We need to understand the functional limitations you have, whether it's because of a temporary or permanent health condition or disability.

Here's how it works

  1. You book an appointment to speak to an Access Advisor before your program begins, or as new functional limitations arise.
  2. You have a medical professional complete a medical accommodations form.
  3. We review your medical documents and assess how your limitations affect your learning.
  4. We co-create a plan that could include letters of accommodation or consideration for your instructors.

Read our academic and physical accommodations policy.

Types of health challenges

Health challenges can include temporary or permanent disabilities, or physical or mental health challenges.

Access Advisors will offer you different support or services depending on your circumstances.

Temporary disability

Examples of a temporary disability:

  • a healable injury
  • a broken limb
  • a concussion

For a cold or flu in our community of caring you can ask your instructors for short-term flexibility with individual assignment deadlines.

Permanent disability

Examples of a permanent disability:

  • a chronic health condition
  • low vision or blindness
  • deafness or difficulty hearing
  • limited mobility
  • neurodiversity, learning disability or mental health challenges

Academic or physical accommodations

Here are some examples of support you can receive for temporary or permanent health challenges:

Other assistance

The following organizations can provide assistive technology or course materials to support your learning needs. This may include requesting materials in formats like digital audio, large print or e-text for screen readers.