Flexible admission for military

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At Royal Roads University, we recognize the unique requirements of your Canadian military career.

We provide flexibility when you're applying to our programs, and once you're in them.

Flexible admission

If you don't meet standard admission requirements, you can apply for many of our programs through flexible admission.

Our approach to admissions is student-centered. We consider your life and career experience — not just your transcript. We'll look at all of your accomplishments, even if they didn't happen in a classroom.

Find out more about the flexible admission process and requirements.

Get credit for your military training

We have an education agreement that recognizes the complex education you've received. Transfer credits from the Navy to our Bachelor Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management program.

Contact us if there isn't an agreement in place for your program of choice.

Flexible programs

You can choose programs or courses that fit with your schedule, while you balance your career and other priorities in your life.

We offer our courses online, on campus, or through a combination of online courses and short-intensive residencies on campus.

Flexible leave

If you're deployed or have other job-related commitments arise while you're in one of our programs, you have the option of taking a leave of absence.

You can apply for a leave of absence, subject to approval from the Dean, and continue your studies at a later date.