Learning outcomes at RRU

Royal Roads University takes an outcomes-based learning approach to our education.

It's our way of promising students, employers and external quality reviewers that our graduates have demonstrated competency in the areas identified in their programs.

That they can integrate and apply knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they learned at Royal Roads to complex situations in their personal and professional lives.

Developing learning outcomes

The way you develop learning outcomes at Royal Roads depends on which program you're part of.

Some programs will assign the learning outcomes you'll assess in each course; other times you'll help develop them.

Read more about developing learning outcomes.

Selecting learning outcomes

In some Royal Roads programs, you'll select learning outcomes from a list. You'll work with your school when the time comes.

Here are two tips to keep in mind when selecting learning outcomes:

  1. Keep the end in mind. What knowledge, skills and attitudes do you want learners to demonstrate in the course and the assignments?
  2. If you include too many outcomes in your course, it will be difficult to effectively assess them all. Instructional designers recommend selecting two or three outcomes for a minor assignment, three to five for a major assignment, and six or seven for a course.