Faculty & student websites

Royal Roads faculty and staff can have a website to support your work:

  • highlight research
  • share information with a community of practice
  • display scholarly articles and contributions
  • give students access to publish content related to course assignments

Contact your CTET program liaison to get started.


Showcase your content

If you're looking for a website to showcase your content — for example, your research, articles and portfolio — we can set up a WordPress Commons site for you.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) available. We'll supply you with a site and help you maintain it.

Allow students to self-publish

If you'd like students in your courses to create content and publish it, we'll help you set up sites on WebSpace, a user-friendly self-publishing platform built on WordPress.

Through WebSpace, your students can write blog posts or reflections, create e-portfolios, collaborate on student projects and more.

Support for your website

Get support for your website through the following:

  • If your program has a CTET liaison, contact them to explore how these types of tools can support your students' learning.
  • Visit CTET Studio for face-to-face, telephone or online assistance.
  • Read about WebSpace in the IT Knowledgebase, a great source of information to answer your technology questions.