CTET staff roles

CTET's team of dedicated professionals work together to improve the learning experience. Each team member contributes to reaching our goals. Here's how:

Instructional designers

IDs work with core and associate faculty to design effective learning experiences. Areas of expertise include pedagogical practices, appropriate use of educational technologies and alignment of learning outcomes, assessments and learning activities.

Learning technologists and course coordinator

LTs and the course coordinator work together to prepare courses to go live. Using feedback from students, we provide technical quality assurance for Moodle and ensure courses adhere to web content accessibility guidelines. We also test new tools and support pilot implementations of learning software.

Senior learning technologists

SLTs provide systems analysis, integration and support for web conferencing, interactive media, Moodle and other learning technologies.

Faculty support liaison

The faculty support liaison assists faculty through the design and delivery of workshops, and other training and support opportunities. This position also oversees the day-to-day operations of CTET Studio, a collaboration space where faculty and staff can work with CTET to learn about and get help with Moodle and other learning technologies.

Faculty development associate

The faculty development associate coordinates CTET workshops and provides administrative services for the committee that oversees curriculum.

Media technicians

Media technicians provide support for audio-visual and event and classroom technology needs. We also help plan learning spaces as well as deliver photography and videography services.