About us

School of Leadership Studies Faculty and Staff.

At the School of Leadership Studies, we believe that good leadership can transform people and organizations. So we facilitate authentic, challenging, collaborative, and engaging learning experiences through our leadership programs and our research initiatives.

Our graduate-level programs have been honed over 15 years to continually deliver relevant leadership education that is as much scholarly as it is practical.  We are a thriving hub of researchers, educators, and staff who demonstrate a passion for learning and a commitment to our students getting the most from their leadership journey.

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Our mission, vision, values and competencies aim to underpin our school aims and approaches.

Our mission

Fostering the imagination, capacity, and courage to lead in extraordinary times.

Our vision

Our vision is to connect scholarship with practice to change the world, one leader at a time.

The School of Leadership Studies has four pillars that guide our work:

Leadership as engagement

Enabling the talents, skills, and aspirations of all members in alignment with an organization’s purpose.

Engaged scholarship

Connecting knowledge and practice through partnerships between scholars and practitioners that generate new perspectives and solutions for social benefit.

Orientation to possibility

Attention toward the desirable future and its possibilities as well as its challenges.

Learning as transformation

Evolves from journeying in unknown territory and the eventual emergence of a completely new perspective and understanding.