Resilience and YOU: Episode 7

Picture of Dr. Catherine Carr, MCEC, PCC, RCC

Collectively can we pause and amidst this crisis see that there is some opportunity to innovate to get clear what we are saying no to and what we are saying yes to. And to do that, to not just be pushed down by the wind but to lean into it and find our way through. - Dr. Catherine Carr, Episode 7 Resilience & You.

Catherine and I had the opportunity to explore the self care called for to restore, reflect, and rejuvenate for resilience. We explored the value of taking a pause as we seek to address the wear and tear of the last several months. Taking the time to breathe…and then we did take a pause to breathe into the love that is seeking to be given voice. We talked about the importance of purpose.

Dr. Carr identified several micro practices and we concluded our conversation by identifying the importance of saying an enthusiastic yes to what we can. If you are looking to see what small adjustments will support you and your resilience and how to incorporate them into a present moment practice, then you will want to bookmark this podcast to support you today and the future.

Tune in weekly, Mondays at 1pm EST/10am PST for more rich conversations, until then, consider what wise action you can take today to cultivate your resilience!