Resilience and YOU: Episode 12

Picture of Shawn Y. Holmes, DMD, PhD, Founder & Co-Owner The You in You Consulting

Episode 12 of Resilience & You with special guest Shawn Y. Holmes is now available!

In the resilience conversation this week, my delightful guest Shawn Y. Holmes, DMD, PhD offered the opportunity for each of us to gain additional liberation by making more of our whole selves available to others. As a result of her powerful modelling, may we all learn a little something more about our own path to experiencing greater liberation in our lives.
In episode 12 of Resilience & You we learn that stuttering is not about being nervous. It is not about not knowing what to say. Stuttering is speaking differently and we need to embrace it as part of the spectrum of speech.  
Shawn and I talked about the lived experience of speaking differently, the choice to have one’s voice heard and the decision to choose to let go of some habits that could inhibit our embracing of our own full potential.

I am struck by our expectations of cadence when it comes to speaking patterns. What might be possible if we created a bit more spaciousness and welcomed more voices and different ways of speaking into all of our conversations? What might we learn by being in conversation with each other more wholeheartedly?
Listen to episode 12 of Resilience & You and consider what in your life you might be holding close, and through disclosure you may find an opportunity to open a door to your resilience.