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Wendy Young


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Leadership Studies


Wendy Young teaches LEAD 519, Action-oriented Research, being mentored by Dr. Kathy Bishop (spring Program Head) and also serves on a Master's thesis committee.

Together with Dr. Kathy Bishop, with academics at University of Victoria and Vancouver Island University, a leader in community-based Lifestyle Medicine, and with a neurologist/researcher, Young submitted a letter of intent to a new funding program, Brain Health: 2021 – Lifestyle Approaches and Microbiome Contributions Examining the impact of lifestyle interventions on clinically relevant outcomes for individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment and at risk for developing Alzheimer’s Disease.  


In 2013, Young moved to Victoria from Memorial University, Newfoundland, where she held a Canada Research Chair in Healthy Aging. At Memorial University, Young was cross-appointed in the School of Nursing and the Division of Community Health and Humanities. After coming to BC, Young joined the Research and Capacity Building Team at Island Health, where she worked with individuals using evidence to improve outcomes for patients, providers, and the health care system.


Young was a Canada Research Chair in Healthy Aging, Tier 2 from Government of Canada (2008). She was a Post-Doctoral Fellow from the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation – Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2004), and holds a Doctor of Philosophy from University of Toronto (2004).


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