Rebecca Wilson-Mah

Associate professor

Program head, Master of Arts in Tourism Management

Tourism & Hospitality Management

Dr. Wilson-Mah is an associate professor in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management and program head for the MA in Tourism Management.  Drawing on her education and personal and professional experience, she strives to create participatory and inclusive approaches to learning and problem solving. Wilson-Mah is an award-winning case writer and reviewer and associate editor for tourism and hospitality cases for The International Journal of Instructional Cases. She researches and writes cases that convey real life; factual, organizational problems for students to analyze and then aim to resolve. Wilson-Mah’s research interests include informal learning in organizations, and faculty communities of practice in higher education. Wilson-Mah holds a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation.


Prior to joining Royal Roads University, Wilson-Mah worked for Destination BC, managing training and consulting services created for small businesses and communities. Next, she worked for The Fairmont Empress as a learning coach and assistant human resources director where she developed collaborative and inclusive learning opportunities for leadership teams. She moved into education as a faculty member at Camosun College where she was the lead for the tourism management diploma program, and also a strong proponent of work integrated learning. These experiences in tourism, hospitality and education amplify her commitment to applied, accessible and authentic learning.  


Doctor of Education

University of Liverpool

Master of Science

Sheffield Hallam University


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