Eva Malisius

Associate professor

Humanitarian Studies
Environment & Sustainability

Dr. Eva Malisius is the program head for the Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies program. Malisius is a conflict engagement specialist with a wide range of international experience. Over the last 15 years she has worked with stakeholders at all levels of decision-making, always advocating constructive conflict engagement approaches. Her research focuses on decision-making in complex and diverse settings, as well as transformative learning and teaching. 

Malisius is passionate about bringing people together and focuses on increasing conflict competence by working with individuals, teams, and communities. She shares her innovative approach to constructive conflict engagement by providing transformative learning spaces for graduate students, peace professionals, government and aid agency officials, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international organizations.


Malisius’ professional experience as a scholar-practitioner includes working as an international staff member at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) headquarters in Brussels and co-founding an NGO using mediation as a tool for dialogue in post-conflict societies. The tool is based on a tailor-made methodology. Malisius joined Royal Roads University’s School of Humanitarian Studies in 2012. She has been the program head for the Conflict Analysis and Management program and currently serves as program head for the School of Humanitarian Studies graduate pathways.

She is certified in mediation, cultural intelligence and is working on further credentials related to conflict engagement and coaching. 


PhD in International Relations

University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies

Master of Arts in International Relations

University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, History and Law

University of Freiburg with an exchange year at Michigan State University


Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award

The Kelly Outstanding Teaching Awards recognize Core Faculty or Associate Faculty who are deemed to be representative of outstanding teachers at RRU and considered by the university as making a positive contribution to the overall health and culture.