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Jessie Zhang wearing dark rimmed glasses and ballcap and standing on the deck of a navy vessel.

This story is part of a series highlighting students from the Master of Arts in Professional Communication program.


When I joined the Master of Arts in Professional Communications program, my journey into digital communication took an exciting turn. While my undergrad days were filled with digital media and creative writing, it wasn't until I entered the MAPC program that I discovered my true passion — digital communication woven into the fabric of storytelling. 

Choosing the MAPC program was a leap of faith a few years ago. It turned out to be an adventure that exceeded my expectations. What started as a preference for digital media evolved into a deep appreciation for the communication program. Most importantly, it allowed me to articulate my passion for digital communication in bridging community and academia.  

My program highlights 


Opting for a thesis as my program pathway, I aim to lay a solid foundation for future research and education. I want to do a Ph.D. in the future. I was lucky when Jennifer Walinga became my supervisor, and David Black became my second reader. I'm eager to embark on this research journey. 


The residency experience was a revelation for me, challenging my solo artist tendencies. Working in a team taught me valuable lessons — appreciating each member's effort and navigating occasional obstacles. 

Classroom Experience 

Each course in the program had its unique charm, but two stood out for me. Aiden Buckland's 'Introduction to Communication Theory' opened doors to various theories, allowing us to choose the one that resonated most with our background and interests. David Black's 'Communication Policy, Politics and Law' was pure magic. He made politics enjoyable even for someone like me who wasn’t interested in politics at all. His innovative teaching style, packed with images, readings, video clips, and podcasts, made the course incredibly engaging. 

To new students, my advice is simple: immerse yourself and stay open. Even if you're unsure of your pathway to graduation, the surprises in the journey might lead you to find remarkable discoveries.


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