Classroom connections and live cases make for impactful learning

Kim Wickens smiles at camera. She has shoulder length blonde hair and is wearing a black shirt. A flag of the Northwest Territories is in the background.

This story is part of a series highlighting students from the Master of Arts in Professional Communication program.


I currently work as a Deputy Clerk, Members & Precinct Services in the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly. This position is equivalent to an Assistant Deputy Minister position in the BC Public Service.  

My passion is public relations. In my role at the assembly, I provide a wide range of public relations services to legislative assembly members, staff and visitors to the Legislative Building. These include: tours and educational programs (bilingual); tourist information; protocol (coordination of parliamentary associations/visiting dignitaries, parliamentary events and conferences); Legislative Page Program and coordination of Special Events. 

I’m currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Professional Communications program and my goal is to move into a Deputy Minister position with the Government of the Northwest Territories.  

My program highlights 

Live Case 

The live case challenge with Professor Barb Collombin in Communications and Culture in Organizations PCOM550. As Team InSpired we approached our exploration of the inPath story with curiosity. With the organization’s strengths in mind, the InSpired team participated in a design thinking process to map out some of the challenges that inPath shared with us. The conversations that resulted were fueled by a thorough review of literature and interviews with various participants. 


Professor Barb Collombin, who taught us PCOM550, took on the role of our Mother Hen. She was safe and we were able to trust and confide in her as a group. She continually checked in on us throughout our two-week residency and at the end during our goodbyes it was hard to say goodbye. We shed a lot of tears – but happy ones. 


It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with my cohort right from the jump. It allowed us to start the journey together and form a strong bond which continues to carry us through the program by being supportive of one another and a safe sounding board when needed.   

Prior to MAPC, I had completed my MBA online at another institution. I often felt that I was on a learning journey on my own with no one to confide in or be a sounding board to when things just didn’t make sense. I knew that I wanted a program that allowed for relationship building right from the start and the MAPC at Royal Roads provided that opportunity.  

It has been transformational, and our cohort built a strong foundation. We are super supportive of each other both in the learning sphere but also a sound board in life or career decisions.  

These are the foundational pieces to the success of the program. ‘Life.Changing.’ Lean into your cohort and the experience. 


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