Businesses with a conscience: BCom challenge back

Royal Roads University - Derek Ford - students in hallway

This term’s Online Venture Challenge is in full swing as students bring a business from idea to reality in just 30 days. The two Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management teams have created a real business to solve a real problem.

PureBags is selling recycled bags to raise awareness of the impact of single-use plastics on oceans and marine life. All proceeds go to Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada.

Checkmate Canada is selling hats to support brain injury prevention and treatment. All proceeds go to Concussion Foundation Legacy Canada.

“Our students start these businesses to gain experience in entrepreneurship,” says School of Business Assoc. Prof. Geoff Archer. “Cognizant of the problematic side effects of a consumer driven economy, they pilot ventures that will be part of the solution.”

The two online stores will be open until September 24.