Humber College

International Development Graduate Certificate

Royal Roads University

Master of Arts in Global Leadership

Master of Arts in Human Security and Peacebuilding

Effective dates


Objective of the agreement

Graduates of Humber's International Development Graduate Certificate, with a minimum B (73%) GPA, who have been accepted into Royal Roads University's Master of Arts in Global Leadership (MAGL) or Master of Arts in Human Security and Peace Building (MAHSPB), can be granted nine (9) elective credits toward their master’s program. The agreement only applies to students in the MAHSPB program who choose the course-based or course-based and internship track options.

To be eligible for transfer credit, students must successfully complete the following Humber courses:

  • BUS 5012: Introduction to Development
  • BUS 5013:  Management Skills for International Development
  • BUS 5014:  Project Design and Planning
  • BUS 5528:  Humanitarian Assistance
  • BUS 5501:  Issues in International Development

The MAHSPB program follows a blended learning model and are offered primarily through online study combined with mandatory on-site residencies. 

The MAGL program offers three delivery options: 

  • A 24-month blended program
  • A 13-month intensive program
  • A 24-month on-campus program

All three delivery options include some online learning and on-campus residencies.