The Smoke and Mirrors Game of Global CSR Reporting

HIRA lecture

Timezone: PDT

Student event

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Dogwood Auditorium
Royal Roads University
Victoria BC V9B 5Y2

An increasing majority of consumers, investors and employees agree that corporations must do their part to address global challenges. Demonstrating the “triple bottom line” is also a sound business strategy—in addition to creating profits, businesses must show corporate social responsibility (CSR), and operate in ethical and environmentally friendly ways.

A parallel movement is also underway to provide the means to engage in socially responsible investment (SRI), including movements to divest from fossil fuels and avoid companies that engage in environmentally harmful and unsafe labour practices.

CSR reporting has become a $20 billion dollar a year enterprise. Meanwhile, an estimated $60 trillion, or half of all global institutional assets are tied to SRI. A new book by Simon Fraser University (SFU) professor Andy Hira reveals how companies that are “doing good” can do better, and how their consumers and investors could hold them more accountable.

The Smoke and Mirrors Game of Global CSR Reporting: Issues and Fixes, Dr. Anil (Andy) Hira carefully analyzes how well the current CSR and SRI reporting systems are functioning. It investigates how investment managers decide what is ethical when it comes to socially responsible investing, and whether a firm’s bad behaviour affects their bottom line.

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