Managing Stress & Building Resilience - LaunchPad Live!

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LaunchPad Live


Maintaining a healthy mindset while coping with the demands of life and studies is not always easy.

Join our Managing Stress & Building Resilience - LaunchPad Live! to learn how to increase your resilience so you are better prepared to navigate the stress, challenges, and setbacks in your personal, academic, and professional life.

This session will offer the following:

  • Strategies for how to manage stress in healthy ways
  • Tips on how to respond to manage adversity and failure
  • Strategies to improve physical and mental health
  • Skills to shift negative thought patterns
  • A model for building resilience
  • A discussion on how to cultivate social supports

Please note that we cannot provide program-specific information during LaunchPad Live! sessions. However, we can refer you to the right person to get your questions answered.