Launchpad Live! Student Life at RRU

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LaunchPad Live


LaunchPad Live! is a series of casual drop-in sessions hosted online via Zoom.

These sessions provide a general overview of life at the Royal Roads University. We will explore topics such as campus information and location, events and volunteer opportunities, basic housing resources and what the Student Engagement team can do for you! These sessions also allow you to connect with other new students at RRU and get your burning questions answered by our Student Services staff members.

Each interactive session is approximately 30 minutes long and is designed to function as a drop-in space, so please feel free to pop in and out of the session as needed.

Zoom allows us to engage via audio, video and built-in chat function. To fully participate, please have your speakers or headphones connected during your stay in the session.

Please note that we cannot provide program-specific information during LaunchPad Live! sessions. However, we will be able to refer you to the right person to get your questions answered.