Episode 25: The Role of Media in Fostering Social Change Within Canadian Sport

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Journalists and reporters play an important role in the realm of sport contributing to what the late Royal Roads University Professor Michael Real would call the ‘mythic spectacle’ of sport, and by exposing the maltreatment and injustice that can plague the sports world - from doping, cheating, and violence, to the recent crisis of maltreatment in Canadian sport. 

Join Dr. Jennifer Walinga and her panel for an examination of the role media plays in advancing culture change in sport with guests Donna Spencer, The Canadian Press sports journalist, Devin Heroux, host of That Curling Show and cross-platform reporter for CBC Sports and News covering major events such as the Beijing Winter Olympics, Brian Wong, Calgary Flames Chinese language sportscaster, Rohit Joseph, CBC Radio associate producer and writer, and Anika Taylor, U of T researcher on the role of Media in advancing a safeguarding culture in sport. We will discuss some of the challenges our journalists, reporters, broadcasters and producers typically face and the opportunities for positive social change that exist both within the newsroom and beyond.  

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