Chad Flinn

Master of Arts in Learning and Technology

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I love my cohort – I have learned so much from them.

“I’ve always had a passion for education. While I love being in front of a class, I want to make a larger impact on vocational education. Getting my master’s is giving me the tools to do that.

Through colleagues and word of mouth, I knew of Royal Roads’ stellar reputation. And the course outcomes of the Master of Arts Learning and Technology program really resonated with me.

I thought the program would be a lot of work but knew I would find the subject matter interesting. What I wasn’t expecting was the relationships I would develop. Even though it’s a fully online program, I’ve met and connected with people who have become friends. Everyone comes from different perspectives, adding to the richness of it all.

Just as significantly, the program is shifting my entire perspective on education. I’m looking at my practice through new lenses and learning how powerful having a critical pedagogy can be.

Since taking the program, I’ve begun to actively contribute to the world of open education. I’ve created one open-educational resource and am working on another through grants from BC Campus and BCIT.

There’s no question, I’m becoming a better educator.”