External events

Explore external events, conferences, webinars and workshops available from organizations and institutions engaged in online and blended learning.

BC Campus events

You can find and register for external courses and events given through BCCampus.

FLO: MicroCourse: Liberating Structures 

In this FLO MicroCourse, you will learn what Liberating Structures are and why they can be so powerful for online and face-to-face meetings and learning events; design a group activity using a Liberating Structure; experience a few key Liberating Structures online; and share ideas and advice on the application of Liberating Structures in your own context.  May 9-15, 2022  11:00am - 12:00pm. 

Register at BCCampus.

FLO: MicroCourse: Rubrics

Join us for this practical FLO MicroCourse that focuses specifically on rubrics. Create a rubric that will clarify course expectations, guide your learners, and assess their progress. Learn what goes into the process, then do it! This course takes place over five days, with a bit of spillover into the weekend to tie up loose ends. The idea is to provide a supportive environment for you to ask questions, take risks, offer advice, and have fun. Total time commitment is approximately 60–90 minutes per day.  June 6-12, 2022. 

Register at BCCampus.

Indigenous Open Educational Resources: Respectfully Uplifting Community Voices

This session will explore some of the concerns around open educational resources (OER) and Indigenous knowledges while using Indigenous worldviews to better understand how Indigenous knowledges can be respectfully incorporated into OER. May 24, 2022 10:00am-11:00am. 

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There are many conferences you can attend virtually or in person. Clayton R. Wright maintains an excellent international conference list of Educational Technology & Education Conferences.

You'll want to exercise your own due diligence about which conferences you may want to attend or submit a paper to.

We suggest you assure yourself that the conference is legitimate by checking its website for credible information:

  • dates and locations
  • conference organizers
  • conference sponsors
  • fees
  • submission dates
  • editorial committee
  • program and venue details

If you're not certain whether a conference is legitimate, consider using the Think, Check, Attend tool to confirm its academic credentials.