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Explore external events, conferences, webinars and workshops available from organizations and institutions engaged in online and blended learning.

BC Campus events

You can find and register for external courses and events given through BCCampus.

FLO MicroCourse: Future Facing Assessments: How to Use AI in the Design of Alternative Assessments

ChatGPT has disrupted formal assessments and caused concern among educators in post-secondary institutions. While many are approaching the topic with a policing lens, many suggest AI is here to stay, and instructors should help learners work properly with this technology. In this FLO course, you will explore ways to incorporate AI tools such as ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies into assignments. Give learners the option to use AI, teach them how to use it responsibly, and help them develop critical thinking, digital literacy, and creative skills. In this session, you will explore how to work with AI tools rather than fight them. October 2-6, 2023.

Register at BCCampus.

FLO EdTech Sandbox Series

About The Series

Discover the BCcampus FLO EdTech Sandbox Series, an initiative that empowers educators in B.C.’s post-secondary institutions to explore innovative teaching tools through a safe online environment. In these two-hour livestream webinars, expert leaders will introduce and demonstrate cutting-edge, open, and free or low-cost educational technology tools, allowing you to experiment and gather exciting ideas for teaching activities. Our mission is to foster digital teaching innovation, encouraging faculty and staff to embrace emerging technologies with curiosity and openness, ultimately enhancing the learning experience for all.

By actively participating in these sandbox sessions, you will delve into hands-on experimentation with tools, collaborate with fellow educators to review their features, gain valuable insights into teaching activities, and discover ways to integrate these tools into your courses. If you’re unable to attend, recorded webinars of the presentations and written reviews of the tools will be available on our site after the event.


There are many conferences you can attend virtually or in person. Clayton R. Wright maintains an excellent international conference list of Educational Technology & Education Conferences.

You'll want to exercise your own due diligence about which conferences you may want to attend or submit a paper to.

We suggest you assure yourself that the conference is legitimate by checking its website for credible information:

  • dates and locations
  • conference organizers
  • conference sponsors
  • fees
  • submission dates
  • editorial committee
  • program and venue details

If you're not certain whether a conference is legitimate, consider using the Think, Check, Attend tool to confirm its academic credentials.