Web conferencing platforms

Royal Roads University provides access to a video conferencing platform: Zoom.

Zoom can be used to meet with individuals or groups in a virtual, face-to-face environment. You can teach a class, host a synchronous session or make a recording to show later.


Features of Zoom:

  • audio and video conferencing (mobile-friendly)
  • screen or application sharing
  • file sharing
  • a chat for messaging the group or individuals
  • permissions settings for moderators and participants
  • the option to use a phone for audio
  • guest access provided by a web link
  • session recording
  • accounts for faculty and staff to create and manage their sessions
  • integration in Moodle

Using Zoom

Faculty and staff can use Zoom on its own or within Moodle.

Royal Roads instructors can create their own Zoom room within Moodle by adding a Zoom activity to their course.

To get a Zoom room that is not associated with a Moodle course, create a meeting in your Royal Roads Zoom account

Help using Zoom

Support for Zoom

CTET offers support for Zoom:

  • one-on-one and on-demand training
  • technical support during your first live session

Contact CTET Studio for assistance.

Using Zoom