Royal Roads University PNG logo file white background

Redesigned in 2012 to better reflect the institution, the Royal Roads logo tells the story of the university in three graphic elements:

  1. The dark blue turret, with its clean, crisp lines, represents professionalism, quality and tradition.
  2. The coloured pixels portray transformation. They appear to be in motion, building blocks forming something new.
  3. The wordmark is inspired by a typeface called Museo — a modern take on a traditional font.

Usage and placement

We've developed versions of our logo to suit different uses. We've also created a set of standards for spacing and size restrictions.

The logo is subject to copyright and can only be used with permission.

Royal Roads University PNG size guide
Royal Roads University PNG width guide
Royal Roads University Pos-Neg samples

Prohibited uses

With logo use, consistency is key. Here are some general rules about what not to do with our logo.

  • Don’t change its colours.
  • Don’t make it too small.
  • Don’t distort it.
  • Don’t let things get too close to it.
  • Don’t add an outline.
  • Don’t change the type.
  • Don’t adjust the spacing.

If in doubt, just ask.