How it's different here

You're unique, and so are we

At Royal Roads University, we value uniqueness. It’s what makes each of us special.

We try to show the world how it's different here, too:

  1. We think life is an education.
    We value students who arrive at Royal Roads with a variety of life and educational experiences. Who have professional qualifications from beyond the classroom, grades and degrees. We see life as the biggest school of all.
  2. We use first names first.
    We go out of our way to learn first names. This simple, personal gesture conveys a deeper goal: we want to get to know you. Using your first name reminds us your path at Royal Roads is personal, and it deserves our attention and respect.
  3. We believe in the power of place.
    The space you learn in enriches the learning experience. We consciously create moments and environments for transformative education whether on campus or at home. We create new places to learn in that drive new ways of thinking.
  4. We see the world as our classroom.
    We don't differentiate between “in here” and “out there.” Between theory and practice. Between life and education. Education is life, school, career, people, past and present, all working together. Interconnecting these will bring education to a whole other level.
  5. We value bonds between people.
    We believe the power of education isn’t solely what you learn, but also the connections you make — with students, faculty, alumni and employers. Because learning comes from people, not a podium. The relationships you make at Royal Roads will ensure you never stop learning.
  6. We see education as a change-your-life experience.
    Our educational approach isn’t just about deep knowledge of subject matter. It's about an even deeper knowledge of self. And it's knowledge of self that transforms lives.