Climate leadership

The front cover of the Climate Action Plan.

Rise up to the challenge

The climate emergency needs everyone, across all sectors and communities to create positive change for a more just, resilient and equitable future. Royal Roads will rise to the climate challenge – as a leader, enabler and ally. The actions we take today to address climate change will reverberate well beyond our classrooms and the campus; we are a university dedicated to inspiring people with the courage to change the world.

Royal Roads’ Climate Action Plan 2022-2027 (CAP) outlines goals, actions and targets that guide climate leadership at all levels and across all portfolios at the university. Check out the full Climate Action Plan or the CAP summary for more information and find out how you can get involved.

Our climate commitments

Royal Roads' declaration of leadership commitment to the climate emergency is a starting point for sustained climate action and engagement at all levels throughout the university and throughout the community. However, this commitment is a living document. As new challenges and opportunities arise, we will continuously adapt and drive impactful change at RRU and in our communities. Some key commitments include: 

  • achieve a net-zero campus by 2050 (65 per cent reduction by 2025, and 80 per cent reduction by 2030) 
  • roll out nature-based Living Lab programs to engage the community, test solutions and immerse staff, faculty, and students in hands-on learning from the campus and the lands. 
  • increase climate resilience of RRU and the surrounding community • pilot innovative solutions for climate mitigation and adaptation 
  • make climate change education and capacity building a core purpose and strategic direction for RRU’s academic mandate. 

Check out a full listing of the Goals, Outcomes and Actions in RRU’s Climate Action Plan .


Royal Roads is also part of the United Nations-led Race to Zero campaign, a global initiative for a zero carbon world by 2050 at the latest.